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batman picture?
  Day[9], Dec 22 2009

there's this awesome batman vs joker poker picture that was posted somewhere in the ROFL thread and I cannot find it for the life of me. Anyone have a link to it? :[

It's the one with the K2345 board and batman leads on the river.

god i love that one

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Day[9].tv starcraft tonight!
  Day[9], Nov 05 2009

As many of you know, I've been doing daily starcraft analysis. Tune in at 7pm PST tonight if you're interested

if you wanna tune into some past episodes, check out mah thread:


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Day[9].tv starcraft stream!
  Day[9], Oct 29 2009

I've started a daily commentary show! Tune in tonight at 7pm PST (11:00 KST).

That's 1 hour and 30 minutes from this post!!!

right now its just looping on autoplay, but DEFINITELY TUNE IN TONIGHT! got 500 viewers last night


ITS OVER!!!, but more games next week according to the schedule at

or just look below!

Upcoming Schedule - Updated 10/29
10.30 and 10.31 - No cast scheduled
11.1 7pm PST / 11.2 11:00 KST - Flash vs Hogil - Eye of the Storm
11.2 7pm PST / 11.3 11:00 KST - Announced soon
11.3 7pm PST / 11.4 11:00 KST - Announced soon
11.4 9pm PST / 11.5 13:00 KST - Announced soon
11.5 7pm PST / 11.6 11:00 KST - Announced soon

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